Greenpeace Report On Supermarket’s Sustainable Seafood Policies and Practices

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I’m with Beth Daley of the Boston Globe when it comes to shopping for fish at my local grocery store. It’s hard to remember what is OK to buy and what are the best fish to eat when it comes to safety, quality and sustainability.

Greenpeace is helping us piece the puzzle together and take the questions out of the picture by looking at various supermarkets across the country and giving them a rating on their sustainable seafood policies and procedures.

Daley summed up the findings perfectly when she said “supermarkets were graded on buying practices, support for sustainability, labeling, transparency and how many Greenpeace-determined “Red List” products – 22 of the world’s most destructively fished and farmed species – were for sale.”

Unfortunately, all of the supermarkets were well below the standards, but there were some standouts both at the top and the bottom of the list. Who would have thought Wal-mart would be towards the top?! scorecard_top20.pdf


Sardines Are The New Salmon

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A very interesting, and somewhat disturbing, article came out yesterday in the NY Times where renowned author of “Bottomfeeder: How to Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood” Taras Grescoe shares his take on why salmon is just not sustainable or as healthy today as it was in the past.

Because of numerous man-made issues, salmon are less abundant, less nutritious and suffering from epidemic-like outbreaks, and salmon such as the Broughton’s pink salmon caught off the coast of British Columbia are in jeopardy of becoming extinct by the year 2011.

Sardines do offer up a great alternative, which are really high in omega-3, 6 and 9, and also offer up high dosages of calcium. Not only are they nutritious, but they are more available and offer just as many avenues for cooking to satisfy any taste bud.

And, BELA-Olhao‘s sardines are sustainably caught, so they support the sustainable fishing, the local economy of Portugal and have low, if not indistinguishable, levels of mercury.

As we seek alternatives to completely depleting the already suffering population of salmon, sardines are finally earning their time in the spotlight.

Treehugger also noted this trend.


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BELA sardines originated in Olhão, Portugal, a traditional fishing community renowned for its open-air markets and daily fish auctions. BELA sardines represent an all-natural, wild caught product, which are not heavily processed or engineered like other on-the-go nutrition options. BELA’s aluminum can also makes it highly packable (and recycle-able), and an excellent portable nutritional source.

These products exemplify great, natural foods that support the recreational needs and sustainable aspirations of consumers in the outdoor, health and wellness, lifestyle and LOHAS markets.  BELA already has a home in the hearts of many of the climbers and outdoor recreationists, and is a great food source for any outdoor or fitness aficionado.  BELA’s business practices and packable, high-quality food aligns well with the current trends and direction of each respective industry.

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